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How to Activate Roku Link |

If you're confused with how to activate Roku link then read the instructions given in the user manual. Also, if after the setup you forgot about the PIN, you can reset Roku pin. For this, you just need to go the Roku Pin Reset link and follow the on-screen instructions. is default web address to activate Roku device. Once done with Roku Setup, you can stream thousands of movies and TV shows at any time. When you enter in the address bar of a web browser and hit enter key, it asks for Roku Activation Code displayed on the TV screen.

Activate Roku account using

There are a number of Roku devices available such as Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku TV, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+. You can select any one that suits your needs. These devices are easy to set up and activate. Before Roku account activation, connect the streaming device to home TV. Let’s get to know how to activate Roku account using

  • Ensure to provide a good internet connection to your device. Turn on the extender by plugging it into the power adapter.
  • Navigate to webpage.
  • Enter Roku Link Code and click on submit button.
  • When the next page opens, there will be two options: create a new Roku account and log in with the existing account.
  • In case you don’t have a Roku account, click on create new account option. Otherwise, log in the account by entering username and password.
  • Select a payment method and provide details.
  • Create a PIN to secure your transactions.
  • Add channels from the channel list.

Congrats! Roku account activation has been completed successfully. Now, you can perform various tasks like transfer videos to Roku, add channels and much more. If you still experience any type of problem, call us at toll-free 1-844-748-9017 and get rid of annoying tech issues with ease.

Set up Roku Remote

Roku Remotes include both infrared and wireless technologies to seamlessly control Roku Streaming Player. For Roku activation, there is first need to go for Remote Setup. Once done with the setup process, you can control volume and power on/off for TV. Before getting started with Roku Remote Setup, set the volume of TV to an audible level.

First of all, check Remote Settings. If you hear music playing, it is good. If not, increase the volume of TV. After that, Roku player will try to mute the volume. When the music stops, click on the option.

The remote is now all ready to control both power and volume of your TV. Continue with the process. However, make sure to note down the Roku Activation Code shown on your TV screen. During initial setup, Roku player will try to automatically identify your TV’s brand. If the brand is not identified automatically, take instant help from our skilled technicians at 1-844-748-9017 or chat with Roku support engineers.

Set up Roku Remote
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Roku Setup using Roku Activation CodeGet The Instant Roku Help

Link Activation Code is a series of random numbers which helps in activating and linking your Roku account. With Roku Link Code, you can perform Roku Setup without any hassle. Follow the step-by-step guide given below to set up Roku Streaming Stick:

  • Un-box the new streaming player and check all the essential accessories like power batteries, streaming stick, Roku Remote and power adapter.
  • Plug in the streaming stick using power adapter.
  • Launch any web browser and go to web address.
  • Now, you can see the startup screen and select a language for text input.
  • Connect to an available internet connection.
  • Enter the password as per your choice.
  • Let the software update process complete.
  • Restart your device.
  • Now, there will be a Roku Activation Code on TV screen.
  • Log in to your Roku account and enter the code.
  • Select a payment method.
  • Finish Roku Setup process and add channels from channel store.
Want an instant Roku Streaming Stick help? Feel free to call our experienced technicians at 1-844-748-9017 and get prompt solutions to all your issues.

How to activate Roku Channels on Roku device

Roku allows you to add new channels and remove existing channels via channel store. Free as well as paid Roku channels can be added to your account. Here are the steps to activate Roku channels on Roku device:

  • Press the home button from Roku Remote.
  • The startup screen will appear.
  • Open channel store and choose the streaming channel option.
  • Click on details option to know more about details.
If you find any difficulty while activating Roku channels, call our professionals at 1-844-748-9017 and take guidance through Roku TV support. We are always available to sort out your problems.

Manage Payment Method for Roku Account

While creating a Roku account, you need to link it with the payment method. Though Roku account creation is a free process, the payment method is added to use in future if you ever want to buy or rent movies or channels. You can also add PIN to prevent unwanted purchases from your account. If you forgot the PIN, use Roku PIN Reset procedure and create a new PIN.

To set up a payment method, go to and log in to your account. Select the refresh option when the new screen arises. Enter credit card or PayPal details. Finally, click on submit button. If you need any help related to Roku PIN Reset, Roku Setup, support.roku, payment method and similar issues, get in touch with our technical experts’ team at toll-free 1-844-748-9017.